TORONTO STAR: #KnownToPolice

Carding on the Rise Again
The Toronto Star questions Toronto Police Services’ tactics on TCHC property as well as the controversial and racially disproportionate practice of ‘Carding’ in a 3 part feature: #KnownToPolice

PT.1 As criticism poles up so do the police cards

PT.2 One officer, five years: 6600 contact cards

PT.3 Tense times in policing on TCHC property


Project Traveller results in 43 arrests, the seizure of 40 firearms and $3 million in drugs


GTA police agencies, including officers from Peel, York, Halton, Barrie, Guelph, Windsor, the OPP, RCMP, Toronto Police Services 23 Division, 31 Division, Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS), and Emergency Task Force (ETF) kicked in doors early this morning in a series of raids that netted 40 firearms, $3 million in drugs, and lead to 43 arrests in Toronto and Windsor, where police agencies there also conducted raids. The raids primarily targeted a cluster of apartment high-rises on Dixon and Mercury Roads.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair also made the disclosure that Toronto Police investigators were aware of the video which allegedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine weeks before the media got word of it. Police gained knowledge of the video from wipe-taps.

When questioned, Blair also said many of those arrested were of Somali origin, but that everyone would be treated ‘fair and equally’.

The operation was code named ‘Project Traveller’, a joint operation between police agencies, Canada Border Services Agency, and likely the RCMP’s Immigration Task Force which operates out of the Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre at 6900 Airport Road.