Legal Aid Ontario – Faimly Mediation Sessions

A man and woman, with eyes downcast, separated by their daughter who's hands they are holding, with witnesses in the background, stand before a magistrate and other officials in Dutch artist Van de Laar 19th century painting: The Divorce

Beginning in 2014, Legal Aid Ontario will be offering family mediation on Tuesdays by appointment at the Rexdale Community Legal Clinic (RCLC). Clients or Professionals who may be interested in learning more about Legal Aid Ontario’s mediation services may attend our 1 hour, monthly, information sessions to be held at the Rexdale Community Legal Clinic. Please register in advance with our receptionist: 416-741-5201.

Weekly Information Sessions

Mondays from 1:00pm-5:00pm


The Family Mediator, Trish Thomas may schedule mediation sessions at the Family Court at 47 Sheppard Ave. East (Yonge & Sheppard) or at the Rexdale Community Legal Clinic on Tuesdays by appointment only. Trish may be contacted directly to arrange for a mediation intake appointment at 416-979-2352 ext. 5193.

Family Law Series now available in Chinese


CLEO – Community Legal Education Ontario/Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario  is pleased to announce the Family Law Series of publications is available in Chinese.

The document includes an Introduction to Family Law in Ontario, Separation and Divorce or Death of a Spouse: Property Division, Separation and Divorce: Child Custody, Access, and Parenting Plans, Separation and Divorce: Child Support, Separation and Divorce: Spousal Support. These titles are also available in English and French.


Bāokuò: Zài āndàlüè shěng jiātíng fǎ jiǎnjiè, fēnjū hé líhūn huò pèi’ǒu sǐwáng: Wùyè bù, fēnlí hé líhūn: Zǐnǚ jiānhù quán, fǎngwèn, hé yǎngyù jìhuà, fēnlí hé líhūn zǐnǚ fǔyǎng fèi, fēnjū hé líhūn pèi’ǒu shànyǎng fèi.

For more Resources and Publications [資源和出版物] in Chinese visit: