The Hamilton legal clinic has just released a Self-Help Guide and a video about the ODSP application process. Wonderful for clients and clinics in Toronto to use, too!

A Flow-Chart which outlines what happens when you apply for ODSP and are denied

A video for Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) Hearings

Looking to rent? Check out the Renting in Toronto poster! Please click the link below:

Looking to rent? Check out the Renting in Toronto poster!

Renting in Toronto? You should know your rights and know your responsibilities.

Please take a look at this information from


Please review the Picture of the information to see the details of Rexdale’s Walk 4 Affordable Housing, September 29, 2015. The walk begins at 21 Panorama and finishes at the offices of Kirsty Duncan, M. P. Make your voice count!

Public Consultation on Carding

This page links to Now Magazine’s article that lists some powerful conversations from the Toronto Public consultation. These conversations discuss the practice of carding by the Toronto Police Service.

Rexdale’s own Andray Domise is among those quoted in the article.

For more on this topic, don’t miss our clinic’s Carding Panel Discussion, September 30 at 6 pm, as part of our Annual General Meeting.