Transforming News – We’re engaged!

RCLC and SECLS are engaged to be married!

We are also engaged in the same work for the people living in the West End of Toronto, so it makes sense that we might be able to do it better together.

This is a prototype for a newsletter for staff and board members of both clinics. The proposed circulation method is to post items here, like a blog, and send everyone at link at intervals to alert them of new posts. It will be interactive. Some features will require feedback, such as voting on a format and name for this newsletter/blog itself.


TIMELINE: Where we are now, what’s next? How long will each phase take?

HELP WANTED: There will be committees. And meetings. Committees will need members. Do you want to review policies? Do you want to organize a focus group in the communities we serve? Suggest a new name? Design a new logo? Contact community organizations for input and suggestions?

ANXIETY CORNER: (not the final name for this feature, perhaps…)

Does change make you want to hide under your desk? Do you wonder if you will have a desk? Would you like to be left alone to do your work, or join in so the others don’t mess with the best features of your clinic?

Staff and board members are encourage to speak up about concerns, ask questions, put forth their ideas.


Have you learned anything from the other clinic and board’s way of doing things that surprised you? Do you want to brag about your own way?

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