Rexdale has expanded its services!

With major assistance from Legal Aid Ontario, and in partnership with other clinics,  our clinic has added an employment lawyer, and an immigration lawyer. Our new staff are shared with West Toronto and South Etobicoke Community Legal Services, so may not be available at our clinic every day, but we can make appointments for consultations.

Refugee Health Benefits Restored

The source link of Refugee Health Benefits RestoredRefugee Health Benefits Restored

Receptionist Helen Stathopoulos works the desk at the Rexdale Community Legal Clnic at the Rexdale Community Hub. Such hubs might play a vital role in changes to the Toronto Police Service.

HelenPolice facing ‘biggest transformation’ in decades

They Need Your Support

Syrian Refugee

A Meeting to Discuss Support for Syrian Refugee Settlement in Rexdale on December 11 2015, 9 am – 1 pm

Support Syrian Refugee

Rexdale Residents ride a bus to National Housing Strategy forum November 20

the right to housing

The Hamilton legal clinic has just released a Self-Help Guide and a video about the ODSP application process. Wonderful for clients and clinics in Toronto to use, too!

A Flow-Chart which outlines what happens when you apply for ODSP and are denied

Click to access odsp-disability-application-flowchart.pdf

A video for Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) Hearings

Looking to rent? Check out the Renting in Toronto poster! Please click the link below:

Looking to rent? Check out the Renting in Toronto poster!