Harvard Report finds Canada, U.S. Failing in Refugee Protection Obligations

Harvard Immigration & Refugee Clinical Program

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (HIRC) released today a comprehensive report titled Bordering on Failure: Canada-U.S. Border Policy and the Politics of Refugee Exclusion.  The result of extensive research and fact-finding investigations led by HIRC affiliates Dr. Efrat Arbel (SJD ’12) and Alletta Brenner (JD ’14), the report finds that Canada is systematically closing its borders to asylum seekers, and failing in its refugee protection obligations under domestic and international law.

“This report points to an alarming trend”, said Deborah Anker, Clinical Professor at Harvard Law School and Director of the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic. “For decades, Canada was known for its generosity in refugee protection and served as a model that raised the standards of refugee protection worldwide, especially in the United States.  This report shows a deteriorating trend in Canada, and is quite disturbing.”

The report examines Canadian border measures designed to intercept and deflect…

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