How Terrorism Has Eroded Privilege

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October 3 — This month in Lexpert magazine, Last Word columnist Paul Paton takes a look at the decade-long battle on client-solicitor privilege in Canada, and how the threat of terrorism is slowly eroding public support for rules that many believe help terrorists fund their attacks (“Privileges Can Be Taken Away,” October).

As Paton writes:

“Elected officials are no longer willing to accept lawyer-client confidentiality as an article of faith, and instead seem prepared to effectively deputize lawyers as agents in the fight against terrorism — and to fight for that in court as well as in the court of public opinion. As a profession, we can pontificate all we want about the sanctity of privilege, but in an age where innocent spectators at the Boston Marathon can be maimed and murdered by terrorist acts, it’s getting pretty difficult to convince the public that keeping client secrets is in everyone’s…

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