What is Health Justice, anyway?

Late in 2016, with project funding from Legal Aid Ontario, Rexdale legal clinic entered into a new service area, in partnership with Rexdale Community Health Centre, Black Creek Community Health Centre and the law student clinic at Osgoode Law School, CLASP. Our health justice team includes a lead lawyer, and other Rexdale staff as available, and provides an opportunity for two or three law students at a time to serve clients. The team strives to meet the legal needs of clients with complex, overlapping legal and medical needs. The team also aims to provide needed legal information to health care workers so that they can better understand the legal environment of  newcomers, the disabled or anyone with complex needs.

Rexdale has expanded its services!

With major assistance from Legal Aid Ontario, and in partnership with other clinics,  our clinic has added an employment lawyer, and an immigration lawyer. Our new staff are shared with West Toronto and South Etobicoke Community Legal Services, so may not be available at our clinic every day, but we can make appointments for consultations.

Rexdale Community Legal Clinic

Rexdale Community Legal Clinic is a legal clinic providing free legal assistance to people with low income living in our community. We also provide public legal education and information. We are funded by Legal Aid Ontario and administered by a local Board of Directors, which is elected annually from our membership. You may become a member if you live or work in our area. If you are interested, you can apply for membership at our office.

Rexdale Community Hub

The Rexdale Community Hub

How Doug Ford’s legal-aid cuts will play out in his own riding


Planning Day Activities


Rexdale Legal Clinic Sends Clients To Doug Ford’s Office After Losing FundingRexdale+Doug Ford

Rexdale Legal Clinic Sends Clients To Doug Ford’s Office After Losing FundingRexdale Legal Clinic Sends Clients To Doug Ford’s Office After Losing FundingRexdale+Doug Ford

Canada recognizes the right to housing


How Doug Fords Legal Aid Cuts Will Play Out In his Own Riding


Welcome, Premier Ford’s new office staff!

Rexdale Community Legal Clinic is looking forward to working with Premier Ford’s  constituency staff,  bringing them up to speed on legal services for low-income folk North Etobicoke. Together, we can find help and appropriate referrals.